Sunday, 8 April 2012

Just because I can!

This was my last Holy week and Easter Sunday for many years where I could choose what I wanted to do and how I wanted to worship. As a result I've worshipped in three different churches and picked the services which seemed to be where I was spiritually. Unlike last year when Easter worship was held in college and I was on the go from 10.30am on Maundy Thursday until 5pm on Easter Sunday this year I've had a much more leisurely approach to the whole season. As a result I've had more time to reflect on the Passion, and at the same time have come out from it far less tired or emotionally wrung out. With the build up to leaving college in 9 weeks and then ordination 3 weeks later that's probably just as well.
My highlight was probably the Easter morning service today. It was genuinely All Age liturgical service with a baptism of three of the young people from college- all old enough to make the proclamations for themselves and who all really participated in all that was happening. Also the service was the first communion for a young girl who had been confirmed yesterday evening in Christ Church Cathedral. Her look of pure joy as she returned from receiving is something 'll be along time forgetting.
Good Friday I sat at home and watched the Preston Passion and was very moved by the whole event. I felt the BBC and who ever else was involved in putting it together did an excellent job. Then this morning when I came home from church I watched a friend on Youtube in a Flash Alleluia Chorus at Derby's shopping centre- it was excellent and seemed to draw a large crowd.
All in all a wonderful time of remembering all that Christ did for us.
In between I've visited my youngest son and had a lovely time with him ( and so in depth discussion about faith) and spent time with K's family.
now the countdown truly starts to the end of college- just 16000 words of my dissertation to go!

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