Thursday, 19 April 2012


I came here to blog because I had received such encouragement and learnt so much from reading other peoples blogs. I continue to read blogs, and am always delighted when I find a new blog to follow. This happened a couple of days ago when I found Rev Jeans blog, the blog of a Self supporting minister down in Cornwall. I have read the whole blog over a couple of evenings and smiled, wept and been inspired by her talk of ministry.
I have wondered how I will be able to go on blogging once I'm a curate but having read a number of blogs from people who are both curates and vicars, I think I shall continue to blog- if only because I enjoy rereading my entries some time later. Of course I shall have to take care with what I blog but as it is really about my reflections on what God is teaching me I hope I can continues with integrity.

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