Tuesday, 17 April 2012

One more step along the road I go

This song came to me today as I walked down Cowley Rd to go and order my ordination stole- a gift from my mother. I've now ordered 6 clerical shirts and collars- had 4 delivered, a long black cloak, a black preaching scarf and a set of stoles, plus the ordination stole. They are just more steps along the way to the move and ordination. My dissertation has moved on a bit- literature review just about complete and half the background to the research written, now I just have to finish the rest of the methodology and I can start writing up what I actually did, found and what it all means! Then I can breath a sigh of relief and concentrate on moving and settling into the new role.
I'm so looking forward to being able to pick up a book to read as relaxation rather than study. I've also got lots of needlecraft ideas I want to have a go at as a way to relax from work.( I suspect that often what I shall be doing won't feel at all like work!)


  1. Exciting times! I was in Wirksworth the other day. Drove past your church-to-be and thought of you!
    Praying for you in the home straight, Janet. x

  2. Thanks Helen- prayers very much appreciated. Invite on the way for the ordination if you are free!