Monday, 16 April 2012

56 days to be exact!

I tried to post the other day but hit the wrong button and then couldn't get the incentive to try again. It's 56 days until we move out of this flat and into our new home- I'm both excited and daunted at all we have to do before then- and the fact that I can;'t arrange to do much of it until after the present curate has moved out.
Saturday I discussed buying and delivery of electrical goods with a large retailed and hopefully that should be possible during the Jubilee weekend when I hope to have a few days up north. meantime I'm battling on with my dissertation- and a battle it feels like at the moment. I know what I want to say but struggle to out it into writing.
On a more positive front, the college community has been enlarged over the weekend by the birth of two babies which we are all rejoicing in. Its lovely to have seen babies born ans see them grow up while we have been here, and one disappointment is that with these new two we are unlikely to see them in the same way. However, I shall become a grandmother in August and 'll be thrilled to cuddle my sons first child.
Have tried to put a picture on here unsuccessfully!

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