Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Perhaps its moving away that is making me dwell so much on friendship. I realised today that having said in a previous Blog that I had only made one friend down here its actually not true. Though L who I mentioned last time was the one who I've spent most time with and who has been a friend outside work I've also made a very special friend in one of my local schools.
J and I clicked from the first time we met and though I've only seen her in school we have still formed a very strong friendship- which we both know God is in the centre. J has been such an encouragement to me in the meandering journey towards BAP and now college. Thanks J and L for your support.
On another front I've just attended the yr 6 performence at one of my other schools. It was a wondeful performence and the students and staff had obviously worked incredibly hard. every child is given and opportunity to take part and what ever their skill level they give their all. I shall miss this school where I know so many of the students and staff - I pray that when i get into a parish I am able to build a good relationship with the local school.
Finally as Ive said before I am weary. This time last year I went on a silent individually guided retreat at Compton Durville and I would so like to go again this year. I'm feeling a real hunger for a retreat but at this point don't have the time or money. Plus CD closed in May. However I know that once at vicarfactory there will be opportunities for retreat which I'm really looking forward to.
In know I should live in the present but at this point I'm really rushing towards college and all that I will learn.

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