Monday, 19 July 2010


Began this morning with the realisation that I had double booked myself on 3 separate occasions this week. Then I had to juggle between Toddler service, local school assembly and clergy lunch at my house ( the latter I had totally forgotten). By the time I arrived at the assembly having packed up after Toddlers and managed to purchase soup and bread for the lunch I was feeling rather stressed. I listened to the assembly about Mountain climbing and moving, and as my minister prayed at the end heard very clearly God saying to me -'stop juggling all these balls, lay them down and only pick up each one as I give it to you to do'. So I asked God's forgiveness and laid down the many balls I had been trying to juggle.
Since that prayer ( at 11.45am) I have been much calmer, have managed to rearrange where I had double booked and took 3/4 hour to sit and chat with the church bowling club this afternoon rather than run madly around planning for Messy Church. The work for Messy church got done afterwards.
I shall be so glad when I have finally finished work and can concentrate on moving. But in the meantime I will enjoy every moment left with the lovely people I have been working with and try to only do that which God asks me to do at any one time- very much in line with yesterdays gospel reading.

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