Saturday, 10 July 2010

Decision made

Decision made! We will move into the flat offered by the vicarfactory. K agreed in the end that being on campus and being together was important for us. I felt such relief once the decision was made.
At the moment I am very weary. It's not so much physical though I'm sur that will come, but mental and emotional weariness as I try to put in place everything for handing over my present job and at the same time starting to get ot grips with plans to move. Roll on 4th August when at least the job will be over and I can concentrate on the move. I'll miss so many of the families I've been working with and find it hard as new organisations get involved but its time to move on. I expect I'll always struggle to leave behind 'my' people where ever I work and live.
Life as a vicar is full of transitions and I need to get used to it and learn to adapt.


  1. I hope you enjoy Cuddesdon. It was a very close 2nd for us after Westcott. We decided that after over 10 years in semi-rural north lancs, a change was needed.
    By the way, I do like your blog template.

  2. Thanks LankyAnglican. WE've been in suburbia for years and feel called to rural ministry so felt Cuddesdon was a good start. Its all getting quite exciting isnt it!!!

  3. Exciting/terrifying! It's 9 years since I graduated and I'm more than a little daunted by returning to study. I'm hoping the discipline of the workplace doesn't wear off immediately when I get there, and that I cope with all the reading.

  4. LOl- it's 30 years since I was at college. I did study for a Cert. in Theology and Vocation with St John's Notts. I'm hoping that working with others will help as I found the distance learning route very hard going.
    Only 8 more days at work then I can concentrate on the move