Thursday, 29 July 2010


I have a nice shiny new laptop, ready for college. We got a really good deal at Staples and had a very knowledgable assistant serve us. I actually went and found the manageress to commend him, something I've never thought to do before. I'm now enjoying playing with the computer. It has windows 7 on it which allows me to open mulitple documents next to each other so I can read across. Really useful when writing sermons as I can have the biblical text next to the word document and easily read and copy verses. Having the computer is one step nearer to my move to college. Also received the form yesterday to complete to register for the MA- beginning to wonder if I'm really capable of an MA!!! :(
On the moving front we now have 3 quotes to send to the Diocese. It would happen that the cheapest deals on storage are the most expensive 2 on removal to Oxford whereas the company quoting the cheapest for the removal are twice the price on storage. We could use different companies for the 2 stages - we have to pay our own storage of course- but would like to use the same company for logistical reasons. Have to try some negotiaitng I think!!
Off to play again now.

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