Wednesday, 28 July 2010

7 days to go

Another day of goodbyes- final small group from the Toddlers I ran came for a Teddy Bear's picnic. Had a lovely time in the church garden and with the children- many of whom I've known since they were a few months old. The children love to tell me all about what happened to them at the weekenfd and one 12 month old wanted to stay with me all the time. As I told her grand mother she's isn't very good for my pride!!!! Those who came today asked to keep in touch so it will be good to hear how the children grow and develop and how the mums get on.
Then a day of cleaning toys again and tidying up the cupboard, making lists. I did manage to get to the church prayer group which was a lovely way to start the day.
Laptop has died so have to snatch time on hubby's computer so probably won't be able to catch up as much- but at least I'm getting my knitting finished.

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