Saturday, 24 July 2010


Not the gameshow- which I do enjoy- but the last 10 days of work. Yesterday was day 10 and the first day when I didn't have set meertings to go to or activities to pursue. Instead it was the start of clearing my office, desk and computer. I have also to leave detailed directions for all the tasks I have undertaken while in post so that they can be passed on to individuals in the church as they volunteer.
The only problem is this is a church who are used to having a paid Chuildren and Families Worker- my predecessor had been in post 10 years, and who are not used to doing anything thmeselves. I've struggled to get volunteers on board for anything I've been doing and the attitude has always been "thats what we pay you for". One lady has taken on the safe guarding role for the church but said to me yesterday- "How can they expect people to do all that you were doing when they were paying you and now they want volunteers"
It's a difficult problem as a volunteer in church a few years ago I loved what I did and got a bit well a lot if I'm honest) shirty with the paid worker who 'moaned' about doing more hours than she was paid for. Now after 2 years in a paid post I have had to repent and realise it's not that easy to define roles when you are paid for some of the work. I have found my way round the problem by working for one church and serving/volunteering in another but that won't work for everyone.
As I go to college and think about my last 2 years I do wonder how much I've learned about recruiting and supporting volunteers in the Church. I suspect not as much as I should have done.


  1. this is such a hard one. It is fantastic to have a paid worker but I do think that very often they actually do what the congregation should be doing whereas a paid worker should be doing the things that the congregation have not got time to do during their paid days at work or in the evening when they have to be at home or in meetings or such like.

    By this I think my realisation over the years has been that it is not for paid workers to run sunday schools or youth groups/studies. It is not for paid workers to organise how the childrens/youth work will organically grow or be run.
    it is the paid workers role to fill the gaps and develope things that are not happening. test the water in new areas and see where God is during those times that others are not there. have glasses on that a 3d effect and climb those mountains as yet un trod and reach out for those things that others have not yet seen coming out of the screen.
    shut up rosanna because I could go on and on and on!

  2. Thank you Rosanna. I have tried to do that as well but so much of my time has been spent running the Toddler Groups! It will be interesting to see how I manage volunteers/staff in the future.

  3. Good luck with the countdown! Mine is still considerably longer (last day at work 10th September).

  4. I just wonder if my thoughts can be a reality. I think 'the congregation' feel threatened, relieved and hopeful all at the same time and communication is usually very difficult to build as who in reality are those gifted and ready to help? They just do not recognise it themselves or struggle not to follow their 'calling'. Oh such a struggle. I hope we are still in contact over the years as this is one I struggle with also.
    I think a big things is that we need to rely on the unordained 'deacons' in the congregation to point out the gifts of the people.