Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Tat and all that

Yesterday was the annual Tat fair where those to be ordained this summer spend their Tat grant on such niceties as clerical shirts, 'Scottish Widows' cloak and stoles. For three hours we trialled round the different suppliers comparing quality, price and cut before making decisions. I'd already ordered 3 shirts from a supplier that came two weeks ago but wanted another 3. In the end I purchased 4 as there was a Fair Trade stall which had just what I wanted and did an offer on 4. Cloak was easily decided on but the stole!!! I went round and round trying to decide which symbol I liked with which material. Unfortunately my favourite Celtic cross wasn't available with my favourite material so back to thinking about it.
As I've already commented what we wear seems to say so much about what we believe and what sort of priest we think we will be- and I'm still trying to work that out!!!
In the meantime I have also turned my attention to Ember Cards , looking to get some printed to send out details of the Ordination service and the change of address. What surprised me was that most entries on Google for Ember cards were for some sort of game. however I shall have a simple design printed by one of the printers and then hopefully get them posted after Easter.
Today I'm off to do some more research for my dissertation - an interview with a Vicar of the church where CS Lewis worshipped, and some more writing on said dissertation.

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  1. I had trouble finding Ember cards too! Your blog came up alongside all sorts of game references. it's getting close now - particularly as we now have a removal van schedule!