Tuesday, 14 February 2012

This is the life

Since yesterday morning I've hardly been at home, other than to pop in and grab a coffee before dashing off again. Yesterday it was a combination of lectures and plans for a creative worship which I was involved in. Today it ahs been a funeral which was rather unusual. We started with a short graveside committal service, followed by a lovely cooked lunch before going over to another church for a celebration of life. It was a lovely service and celebration of a wonderful Christian mother and grnadmother. The whole family contributed to the service and made it very personal and special. As kevin kept saying when I apologised for having to dash off again- this is your life now we need to get used to it!!
Then I returned to college and the first of the 'Tat' suppliers was showing their wares. So I have ordered three tailored balck blouses and collars. I shall order another three from another supplier when the rest come in a fortnight so I can see how well they wash and wear. It was rather daunting and at the same time very exciting to try on the shirt and collar and see how I'll look in 4 months. This is coming very quickly now and I can't wait :)
Our creative worship yesterday was - well creative. We decided to reclaim Valentines day for God and celebrate His love rather human love. both of my fellow planners had come to the meeting with the idea of restaurant/food and so we went with that as our format. We set up a lecture room as a cafe with snmall tables and candles, and then invited people to take a seat and we began with a welcome and singing Love Divine. we then came to the Word section- we served pitta bread to be shared at each table and dipped into olive oil, while readings about the love of God were listened to, then vinegar as someoen read about the paqssion of Christ, and we finished with honey and readings about gods love and how we should share it with others. We then responded to the Word of God by singing How deep the Fathers love. For our intercessions we handed out heart shaped post it notes and asked everyone to write a prayer on the front thanking God for His love and writing on the back someone or something that was in the ened of God's love. These were then stuck on a gold card cross which slowly turned pink from the hearts. I've participated ( and led) similar intercessions before but yesterday I was amazed at the sense of prayer in the room as we wrote our prayers. We went on to say the Lord's prayer and then concluded by singing 'Here is Love Vast as the Ocean', and 'ANd can it Be?' We had a number of positive comments from people as they left and tomorrow we will have a review from the Liturgy tutor. I really enjoyed being involved in the planning of this service and seeing it excuted while I took a back seat this time. I feel so fulfilled and the sense of 'this is what I was born for' in these situations.
Tomorrow I am to deacon for a Bishop at the College Eucharist- an American Female Bishop. Should be interesting!


  1. Sorry I did edit this and correct it but then forgot to save the changes so hope you can make sense of my mistakes!!!

  2. That service sounds lovely. I'd like to have been there. Can't wait to see you in your collar before long!

  3. LOL_ Helen, only 4 1/2 months to go!!
    Yes the service was lovely, I really enjoyed both the planning qand taking part.