Saturday, 25 February 2012


It was a lovely day today- blue skys and warmer than we should expect for February. So off we went to Salisbury. It's one of those places we had said we would visit before we left Cuddesdon- afterall from here its only just over and hour and a half whereas from Derbyshire its 4 hours or more. We arrived in time for a quick lunch and then a wander round the market before finding our way to the Cathedral.
Inspiring, wonderful, it reminded me of the Starbridge novels which of course are based on Salisbury. Once inside we wondered for a couple of hours taking it all in- stopping to pray when the Chaplain on duty for the day invited us to join him. I love the fact that in cathedrals across the country on the hour all stops for a short time of prayer. I was pleased today to see that most in the cathedral paused and a number joined in the Lord's Prayer.
I'm always amazed at what our ancestors managed to build with their basic technology. In salisbury tehre is a model showing how the Cathedralwas built which along with a couple of books I have read recently really demonstrated the wonder of what they did. And it was all for God's glory- to lift mans eyes to the ehavens and to bring glory to the Creator of all.
I'm thinking of 'collecting' cathedrals- so far those visited are
Derby, Durham, Blackburn (where I sang in Songs of Praise at the age of 16)Exeter, Ely, Wells, Christ Church Oxford, York, Sheffield, Newport, Salisbury, St Pauls, St Peters Rome, Lincoln, Coventry (old and New) Lichfield, Truro, Winchester. Actually having listed them I'm not doing to badly- but still a few to go!!! Any recommendations?


  1. Newcastle is a very friendly little Cathedral. If you're up in Durham it's well worth going the extra 20 miles or so...

  2. Thanks for the recommendation