Sunday, 26 February 2012


There's the old joke that priests only work on Sunday's and so for ordinands the same could be said to hold true- particularly this term when I have 2 lectures on Monday and that's it! However Sundays often make up for it with multiple services. In fact today I was only due to serve at the morning Eucharist. This was my last time as sacristan as next week my other half of the sacristan team is on duty and the following week is our farewell from the churches. Is it really a year since we started - how the time has flown. I've learnt so much in the last twelve months and become proficient at setting up for the service and coping with whatever slip ups come!
Today having been to Cuddesdon in the morning I accompanied K to the Wheatley Churches together lenten programme which was an interesting talk on what the Roman Catholics believe followed by question and answers. It was good to meet other Christians in the world outside college and to socialise with K.
This evening I attended college Compline. This is a daily service but it isn;t compulsory and so for most of the time here I've not gone. However as part of my lenten discipline I've decided to attend each day. Its a lovely peaceful service which prepares for sleep. As I sang along tonight I felt drawn into the Call the Midwife programme which often showed the nuns singing compline. Now its time for bed and the tomorrow is the start of a new week and more work on my dissertation.

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