Sunday, 4 March 2012


I've been busy over since Friday as my sister came to stay. She'd never been to Cuddesdon while I've been here so was really excited to come and see where I've been living. My sister and I are very close- there are only 14 months between us and though as with most siblings we argued and fell out as teenaagers we have long since become close and enjoy each others company. I'd go as far as saying shes my best friend after K and certainly the one person I prefer to shop with!
This weekend was a great weekend for ehr to visit, as I was able to swap guest night and so we were able to enjoy a lovely meal and company on Friday night. Yesterday we explored parts of the Cotswold's which were new to her. It was so wonderful just to laugh and share stories as we travelled around. then last night K and I took her out to the local pub for a meal.
Today she left early to return home and I had my church duties. Quite a busy day particularly as it rained then snowed this morning so I drove to the next village to collect K from his service.
Now I'm trying to motivate myself to make real progress this week on my dissertation. Most of the research is done and so I have no excuse not to be writing!
back to families- there are many humorous cartoons etc about the difference between family and friends. However I give thanks to God for all my family, K, my boys my sisters and my mum. God is good!

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