Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Countdown continues

Just counted up the day until we leave and move. Ninety three days until our leavers service! Its likely to be the Tuesday of the following week before we can move into our new home as their is still a curate in post. However it will happen sometime between June 8th and July 1st. I've loved college and all the friends I have made here but as the time grows closer to the move it is increasingly hard to live in the present rather than looking ahead to the future- especially as so much has to be done in preparation and planning. I've just got off the phone from the removal company who have most of our possessions in storage and who moved us here. They are going to send me a quote and I'm blogging while I await a call back from another removal company and I have a third booked in to give me a quote next week. Then this weekend I was discussing the after service meal for all who will be coming to my ordination, with my sister who has agreed to do the catering for me. The latter being necessary as I shall be on retreat from the Wednesday before until the morning of the service. Then as I blogged last week there is all the purchasing of clerical clothes and vestments and the diocese have sent me forms to fill in. Yesterday we had the penultimate lecture on curacy with a discussion of what its like to be second fiddle. Then my partner sacristan and I have our final service on Sunday when the church will say farewell to us. Of course we will still worship there during the week but will no longer have duties to fulfill. All in all life is unremittingly moving towards leaving.
But isn't that a parable of our christian life - our life on earth is a preparation for our future with the King. I've sometimes thought when I've heard of the 'prophecies' about the end of the world that it can't happen yet as I've not started the ministry I believe God has called me to- and it would be so disappointing after all the battles to get here!!! But then this morning as the thought flitted through my brain again ( no idea why!) I realised that if I truly believe in what scripture teaches about the after life, about the Kingdom of god and the New heavens and new earth, then all the preparation and teaching is just a fore runner to what ever god has for me in the future. I think I need to reread Tom Wrights Surprised by Hope to get a clearer vision of this.

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