Sunday, 18 March 2012

Oh the Joy!

Today has been joyful for two reasons. The first- it's Mothering Sunday and for the first time in quite a few years I got a card from my eldest son and telephone calls from the other two. I realise that I have my son's girlfriend to thank for him sending me a card- but then I remember prompting his father to send cards to his family so am not upset- it was such a joy to receive it. Added to that I'm going up to Derbyshire on Thursday and will be going to eat with them which will actually be a third joy!
For the second joy was the BCP communion service this morning when the Vicar who has been my placement supervisor for the last year graciously gave me the opportunity to lead the service up until the prayer of consecration. It was such a joy to stand before the altar and say the prayers on behalf of the congregation . Being a BCP is stood and faced Eastward away from the congregation except for the parts in which I addressed the congregation. I had anticipated that feeling strange but instead it felt natural and right as I offered the prayers of the people to their and my God. It was also very intense when I prayed about what Jesus had done with the elements of bread and wine in front of me and the crucifix above. So a taste of what is to come in July 2013 when I shall be priested and allowed to lead the whole service.

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