Sunday, 26 June 2011

What it's all about!

Yesterday I had a wonderful day out in Wales. It was one of my friends from college's ordination and so I went to Newport for the service and then on to Monmouth for lunch with his family and friends. there were people from every stage of his life, who had travelled from all over the UK. It was a really inspiring service and I was reminded once again about why I am here. God needs men and women who are willing to serve Him, we all have a role to play and not all will be called to be ordained, but once He has called you there is such a strong pull that it is very difficult to say no. Not that I ever wanted to say no- only are you sure lord?
Well he does seem to be saying yes and so here I am in training and tomorrow I return to Derbyshire for four weeks placement. This is an opportunity to shadow a priest and learn what day to day life of a vicar is really like. I'm really looking forward to all my new experiences and also to being back in Derbyshire- a place I love. I'm not sure what Internet access I will have but if I have regular access I will try to post my reflections as far as I am able.

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