Sunday, 12 June 2011

Continuing Students

Well that's it- I'm now officially a continuing student as the previous year group has now left. We had our leaver's service on Friday. As church sacristan it was my duty along with my partner sacristan to set up for the Leavers Eucharist. We seemed to get most things sorted before the service I just forgot to put out the tissues on each pew. I'd been warned that they would be needed but had to go and fetch them at the Peace. The service was both joyful and sad at the same time as we remembered why we are here, blessed the stoles and then all those who were leaving both ordinands and their families. After that the first group left with their furniture vans!
I have a strange fascination with removal vans. I've moved so many times and enjoyed the experience each time so the sight of a furniture van reminds me of those times and often leaves me feeling sad that its not me moving! This time I was reminded that in a year it will be me and will mark the next stage of my training- curacy.
At the moment I'm waiting for THE letter from the diocese to invite me to consider a parish for curacy. Some of our group from one diocese are already in the process. On Thursday I received my college report for checking and comment. I was humbled at what was written but pleased that I seem to have made progress with formation this year.
Now I've got one week left of term- a week in which we begin to consider communicating the Gospel and in particular preaching. Still got a portfolio to finish and then the summer break comes with summer placement, two more portfolios and a presentation! We will have a weeks holiday in Wales as well, and then its back for my final year and a 20,000 dissertation.


  1. It all sounds very familiar! I'm on placement at present, but will return to Westcott towards the end of the coming week for the conclusion of our "Leavers' Week". The term at Westcott for people like us is 'returners', and it feels weird that we're now the experienced ones who will be helping others to settle-in in just a few short months.

  2. Janet I'm concerned about your fascination with removal vans. Does anybody really enjoy moving house?!
    Time is flying, isn't it? I wonder how different you'll feel next year when the new people arrive and you think back to where you were a year ago. Hope you'll write about it!