Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Pathways through a curacy

A large parcel arrived yesterday franked with the diocese logo. Great excitement as I opened it wondering if there may be news about a curacy. It turned out to be a large purple file with all I need to know about being a curate in Derby Diocese and a letter inviting me to arrange a meeting with the Bishop. And so it begins! It will be a while yet before I'll know where i shall be, and probably even longer before I'll be free to actually talk about it but at least things are moving.
This week in college is interesting- we are having a themed study week on communicating the Gospel. Today we had to give a three minute talk on a subject which interested us, and we were videoed and then watched the video. We had first go at commenting on ourselves and then everyone else commented. I realised as I watched myself that while my talking was ok I did';t know what to do with my body. As a teacher I always walked around, teaching without notes and often making notes on the board in response to answers the pupils gave me. Then when I started preaching I wasn't confident to preach without notes and so would stand at the pulpit hanging on as if afraid I'd fall over. Comments were made especially as I'm short and can easily end up looking like 'wotno'. So today I tried standing away from the lectern where my notes were. Unfortunately I ended up looking unsure what to do with my hands and moving around without purpose. This gives me an area I must work on.
Now I have just two days of this term left and then its 14 weeks of summer placement, essays and starting work on my dissertation- oh and a weeks holiday in Wales. Life is never boring.

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