Saturday, 30 July 2011

Back to internet access

Well my four weeks placement is finished and I've also had three days away in Devon for a friends licensing service.
Placement was wonderful. Everyone I speak to who has been on summer placement says the same- they don';t want to leave. It's what we are called to do and so we find ourselves fulfilled and living life to the full as we serve in a new place. Of course a month is no time at all. I was just getting to know people and being known when it was time to move back to Oxford. It was also of course very much a honeymoon period when there was little time to do anything wrong so reports back have all been very positive.
However I was blessed to be in a group of parishes where life is not all smooth and wonderful and so I was able to see the more difficult aspects of rural ministry. Seeing the reality gave me opportunity to consider how I would cope and deal with difficult situations between people of the village and as such make a more realistic appraisal of what I believe God is calling me to do.
I still came back feeling very reassured and confident that God has called me to rural ministry. I want more than anything though to serve God where ever He wants me.
During the last month I also had an interview with the Bishop and my DDO so I am now waiting to hear from a prospective Training Incumbent. I have to remain patient not a strong virtue of mine.
One other real pleasure of my time in Derbyshire was the opportunity to catch up with friends and family on my day off. I managed to meet up with half a dozen friends during my time there and also to have a couple of evenings with my son and a couple of days with my sister which was lovely.
Now its back to the final two portfolios and a presentation to complete before September then all out for my dissertation for next year.
I hope to blog more now that I'm back but we will see!!!!

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  1. Welcome back Janet!
    Was great to see you and lovely that you're back online.