Monday, 24 January 2011


We have just enjoyed a lovely weekend. Saturday after a lazy start to the day we drove over to Cirencester partly as somewhere new to explore partly because I knew it had a Christian bookshop where I could buy some cards. We had a baptism yesterday of one of the children from the college community and I wanted a card which said baptism not christening on it. All the ones in local shops had the latter. The bookshop in Cirencester had a lovely selection of cards so I stocked up for a variety of purposes. We had a lovely cup of coffee and cake there with free top up and a long chat with the lady serving who turned out to be the vicars wife. the vicar had trained at Cuddesdon so we had a lot to chat about. If you are in or around Cirencester do visit the Cornerstone Book shop and cafe it was lovely. We also enjoyed wandering around the parish church and the town. Great relaxation and break from essays!
the n yesterday afternoon was the baptism of baby N. A wonderful time. the church was packed and our sacristan rather busy so I helped out with welcoming people and handing out books. I do love that job its such and opportunity to serve God and the community by making others feel welcomed.
This morning I had the joy of serving at Communion. It was a revelation how natural that is beginning to feel even at 8am. This time I seemed to manage to say the right words and to hand everything over to the priest at the right time.
later in the week i shall be leading Evening prayer which will be a first here so I'm looking forward to serving then as well.
Life is good. God is wonderful and I am really at peace again.

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  1. Bless you for helping yesterday, and thank you for searching so hard for a BAPTISM card!

    C, C & N