Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Having travelled back from up north yesterday from the funeral I'm shattered today and that may be the reason I'm feeling so low! The funeral went well and I was told that my eulogy touched people. I came away feeling very affirmed and encouraged in this path I am on.
however today I have had news from my youngest son which makes me question the effect of what I'm doing on my family. C moved to live with his dad along with one of his brothers when I started talking about looking for a college tot rain at. that worked out well in the first few years but now their dad has left his second wife and complications concern me about the way he is living his life and the effect on my children. however readers may remember that our flat at college is very small and movign C now would also involve him moving school so he's not keen- his freinds are obviously where he is living. that has all left me confuced concerned and praying like mad for clarity of thought and wisdom.
In amongst all that I am of course back in lectures and Oxford lectures this morning were not what I had hoped for.
Hence I am down and hoping that I'll sleep well tonight and feel better tomorrow.

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