Friday, 14 January 2011

Death dying and bereavement

This has been the theme of the week for me. as Oxford Uni is not back yet we have had a themed study week and my choice was death dying and bereavement. Its a compulsory element which we can choose to do either now or later in the year, I elected to do it now not knowing my uncle would die at New Year and I would be giving the tribute at his funeral.
The week has been very instructive. The first couple of days covered grief and how people handle it while the later sessions dealt with theology of death, the funeral visit , liturgy etc. Then today we went to visit the crematorium. I was very interested int he crem. but did absent myself from at the point when an actual coffin was going to be put into the cremators- it was just a bit too near to home for Mondays funeral.
trying to get ready for the funeral has been rather frustrating- my aunt had no idea what she wanted at the funeral other than wanting me to give the tribute. So I tried to get hold of the chaplain of the Deep Sea Mission who is taking the funeral. I eventually managed to get him today but he was vague about the service except that he would thread the biographical details of my uncle into the service. It was back to the drawing board for my tribute. However its written now and I'm hoping it will be alright. Its certainly given me food for thought for future ministry and dealing with relatives.
Oh well time to go and pack ready for tomorrows visit north.

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