Sunday, 13 June 2010

Here at last

Having received so much pleasure and wisdom from reading other people's blogs I've decided ( been prompted) that I should have one of my own. Knowing that September will find me in Theological College and so needing to reflect regularly, I'm hoping that this will spur me on.
Today I finished a week long marathon of Blog reading. When I felt guilty at the time spent on a computer I reassured myself that it was only the same as reading a book- a diary which I found hard to put down. The Blog took me from the first days of the writer's curacy until her life today as a vicar. the six years she spke about so eloquently taught me so much about what I have to look forward to- and in her writings I recognised a lot of my own weaknesses and joys to come.
Whether my own frail words will help anyone I don't know but pray that somehow this will be a blessing at least to myself.

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