Monday, 28 June 2010


Having spent the weekend travelling around the country and meeting up with friends I got to thinking about friendship. What is a friend? And how do we maintain our friendships?
The use if the internet has made it possible to make connections with people we havent' seen for many years and with some there is an instant report which makes the intervening years disappear. Those friends are great to be with, you can pick up where you left off and not have to explain yourself. Yet there cane be people you see regularly, who you spend time with but you never get to that level of friendship.
As I move away from Devon I'm conscious that I can only count one person as a really close friend - and I'd met her before I moved here. Its been a difficult two years and yet I think I've learnt some useful lessons about depending on God and my husband rather than church members for friendship and support. As I move to college and on to curacy it will be interesting to see what friendships develop and how much I rely on older friendships rather than new ones.

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