Sunday, 17 April 2011

Palm Sunday reflections

How did you feel Jesus as you rode into Jerusalem and heard the cries of the crowd? Hosanna they shouted and palm branches and cloaks were spread before you. Did your humanity feel pride at the response of the crowd as I probably would have done? Did you feel you had made it? Were you thrilled and full of joy? Or in your divinity did you think instead as your rode on your donkey of the pain and sorrow to come? In your humility did you bow your head and think instead of your Father? What lessons can I learn from your journey that day?


  1. I think that Jesus smiled at the crowd's praise and accepted it, but knew how fickle they were. He didn't judge them on their shallowness but accepted what they could give with grace. He was fulfilling the prophecy of the triumphal entry on that joyful day but he saw that very soon more prophecy would be fulfilled and there must have been sadness in his eyes as well as a smile on his lips. There must have been an inward struggle between the man who enjoyed the love and welcome of a crowd who cheered him and the God who knew that the same crowd would be baying for his execution in a few days time. He must have been torn between the human longing to bask in adulation and the knowledge that the rejection and suffering to come was necessary to complete his mission. He must have looked at the faces in the crowd and felt sorrow, regret, fear, hurt, pity, but most of all, love.
    That's what I think. :-) Hx

  2. If this is the case then he would not have tried to wake them up by riding a donkey instead of a steed and winning the battle of man. He fought the battle of sprit so that each one that accepted his sacrifice as a spiritual gift, in grace, had free choice to relinquish sin, if they so wished. Then there would be no excuse for sinful acts the next time he came and sleeping 'christians' could be judged in their use of free will! By their own spirit as anti-christians!