Saturday, 9 April 2011

life in all its fulness

Back again after nearly a week away. Went first up to lancashire to visit my mum for mothering Sunday and her birthday on Monday. Had a great time with Mum and also exploring my childhood haunts with K. Mothering Sunday was especially interesting as I visited a village church which had organised its service with the local school. The church was packed as parents and grandparents had joined the normal congregation. I thoroughly enjoyed worshipping with so many- some of whom it was clear weren't used to church services. I was very excited by the idea of working so closely with a local school and the opportunities it raised. Talking to one of the regulars afterwards it seem that the church and school co-operate at four services each year. the children seemed to enjoy themselves, and had been very involved in illustrating the order of service and taking part in reading, presentation and prayers.
After the lovely time in Lancashire we returned via Derbyshire and met with he vicar who will be my summer placement supervisor. Again a really exciting time learning about the challenges of rural ministry. I'm sure I'm going to really benefit from spending time with this vicar and spending time in these 5 small parishes for a month. The more time I spend in rural parishes and with the vicar and congregations in these places the more certain I am that this is what God has called me to do.
Now I just need to get my head round the two essays I hope to finish before the end of the Easter break. holy week is fast approaching!!

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