Friday, 1 April 2011

joys of community life

This week has brought home to me the joys of living in community. Because a number of us are here through the holidays we are able to maintain regular morning prayer which I'm loving. Then earlier in the week K helped the wife of one of the students renovate a bureau and we were invited to have an evening meal with them. It was lovely to share a meal and chat with them. Today K has been back to help with the renovations and we learnt that our friend was to be on his own this evening as his wife was away to visit family. We invited him to share our meal and we have just shared a lovely time of fellowship. It has been wonderful to deepen our relationship and learn more about God from each other.
I've had my report back from my Sunday placement today- with he comment from the tutor that it was a good report and that next year he will have to see about finding me something more stretching!! As I'm going to be church sacristan for the college and this will be my Sunday and weekday placement I shall be stretched. I'm really looking forward to becoming more involved in this village community as well as the college community.
Off tomorrow for a few days up north - a time of relaxation and family visits.

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