Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Last week saw a three day pre-ordination retreat which was a really refreshing time with God. We were blessed with a lovely hotel where the staff taught us what serving is about!  Nothing was too much trouble for them and they coped wonderfully with the vagaries of having 23 cassocked people wandering around, demands for 12 jugs of warm water and towels for washing of feet, and meals taken in silence.

Then we travelled from there to Ashbourne for the ordination service. Last years service of ordination to the diaconate passed in rather a blur in the Cathedral where there were 13 of us. This year we were split between the 2 Arch Deaconries and I was with 4 other people. That made for a far more intimate and personal service and it was wonderful to have priests from different stages of my journey all taking part in the service. When it came to the laying on of hands I felt well and truly laid on! The Bishop pressed down firmly and many others joined him in asking God's Holy Spirit to be poured out.

The following day was my first presiding at the Eucharist - a very moving and solemn occasion. It was a great joy to have my mother sister and an old school friend there as well.

One thing people have kept asking me is- 'do you feel any different'

I don't feel different but I am aware of the responsibility and that I am ordained by God for His work. Since the weekend I have also felt slightly out of kilter and wonder if that's tiredness or just adjustment to the new me!

I shall let you know how things go.

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