Wednesday, 9 November 2011


College life for the past week has been busy ( So what's new?!)
Our group was responsible for leading worship over last week and then today I was responsible for planning and leading the mornings Group worship. On Friday evening I planned and led a Service of the Word- an alternative to our college regular pattern of Common Worship or BCP evening prayer. The idea is to plan a service which would be pretty standard in an average parish church that didn't use straight evening prayer. I really enjoyed the challenge, and in fact used a standard structure from evening prayer but used modern songs and hymns rather than plain song and canticles. The comments I have received back have been positive which is always encouraging.
Then this morning I planned an act of worship for the group around Isaiah 6, using an interactive reading of the scripture and then various stations around the room to encourage people to reflect and pray on the reading. Again I really enjoyed the experience of planning this worship. In fact I know that the opportunity to plan and lead worship is something that makes me feel alive and fulfilled in a way that writing essays- however much I may be interested in the topic - doesn't. I'm having to sit hard on my patience as I wait for the time when I shall have finished college and be out living the life I feel called to.
In the meantime -back to that essay!

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