Thursday, 10 November 2011

Called to be Incarnate

One of the questions asked of anyone considering ordained ministry is - why must you be ordained to serve God'? A good question and one which each ordinand has struggles with. My own answer had in it an element of wanting to bring God to the people and the people to God and therefore an element of called to be incarnate- as Jesus was God incarnate. Today I have read the following quote on a blog I had just started reading
' God calls us to follow and journey, but He also asks us to settle and be incarnate in the community we are and to show them His presence'It really made me stop and think. I believe I am called to be incarnate as a curate and a vicar but have I really taken on board what it means to be incarnate amongst the people I now live wit? Am I truly trying to be Jesus to the college Community? If we all were truly living out that calling here at college would college look any different to how it does today? K my husband often moans about what he sees as unchristian attitudes among other ordinands. I'm not going to comment on that. Rather I am going to reflect and pray that I would truly be what God has called me to be amongst this community for the remaining months. Its not something I should be thinking I will take up once I'm in curacy!

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