Friday, 19 August 2011


Life is beginning to pick up again around the college although we have a month before term starts. With so many new people arriving we are having to reform as a new community. New friendships are being made and strangers are becoming familiar faces around the buildings. This is made all the stranger as a number of people have gone away for the summer and won't be back until the middle of September. I am enjoying deepening friendships with some of the ordinands who were here with me last year and also starting to get to know those who are joining us. Before i went away for my summer placement someone commented that you are only ever 3 Christians away from someone you know. I found that to be true while on placement and am finding it to be equally true now I'm meeting up with new ordinands. the Christian world is a small world and we all feel like brothers and sisters when we meet which is wonderful. I'm looking forward this evening to playing host to a couple from downstairs. the husband is church sacristan with me and we both did rural summer placements so we have a lot to catch up on. Off now to make the meal ! :)

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