Friday, 20 May 2011

Rural ministry

I managed to finish my third portfolio and give it in. This week I got my marks and was very pleased that I had a grade within 2% of my other grades. So I am managing to hold my own. Have started on my 4th portfolio and hope to have it finished by next weekend. This week I haven't done much work as we have had our third themed study week and this time I chose to do Rural Ministry. Its been an interesting week though I don't think I learnt much I hadn't already learnt from reading and spending time in rural areas. However we did get to have some nice walks and had lovely weather. Then again at least one farmer would prefer the rain to come!!
Today I went to the local church where I'm sacristan, for a funeral. This was an interesting experience as we had been warned it would be a humanist funereal! In the end it was a well blended mix of Christian hope and concern for the integrity of the wishes of the man whose funeral it was. I learnt a great deal about how to help the christian members of the congregation when someone who doesn't have faith dies.
what amazes me more than anything at the moment is knowing that in three weeks we say good bye to a number of our community as they prepare for their ordination. It seems no time at all since I arrived and now we will be the continuing students and teaching the new ordinands how to serve at services. Very soon it will be me leaving!!! Yikes

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