Sunday, 29 May 2011

How time flies

This week we had a day on healing and deliverance ministry and then half a day on Finding a curacy. The Healing and deliverance day was interesting, although nothing I didn't know from my days in a charismatic church. It was good to hear a balanced take on the biblical teaching on healing and deliverance.
The half day on Finding a curacy was the best half day I've spent at college- and I've had a few good lectures! Now I'm just waiting to hear from the diocese as to whether I am to be offered a curacy or released. As Derby is a net importer its likely they will offer me a curacy and I hope to know within the next couple of months.
I'm now working on my 4th portfolio and have also had a meeting with my tutor to discuss my dissertation which will be the focus of my work for my second year. I'm looking at how grand parents can pass on their faith so if any one has any stories or thoughts please let me know!
Yesterday I had a lovely day out while K visited a railway exhibition. I wandered around Princes Risborough and Monks Risborough. As a child (and even adult) one of my favourite series of books was the Abbey Girls book and they were based round this area so I enjoyed noting names and places that got mentioned.
Today I returned with Kevin to my first year placement church. I love going back as it feels very much like my home even though I can only go occasionally now that I have my role as church sacristan here in Cuddesdon. I must give some thought to what it is that makes me feel this way as I'd love to see churches I work in being so friendly and attractive.
Any suggestions what makes a church attractive.

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