Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Year, New Home New Parishes

Happy New Year and the countdown begins. This will be the third time of blogging a countdown to a move and hopefully this will be the last for quite some time. Things are slowly getting in place- TV licence sorted, Redirection of post sorted, removal company booked, carpets purchased and being laid next week, new cooker on order to be delivered and fitted next week, decision made about utilities and phone just got to arrange the changes. All happened while I also tried to prepare and lead Christmas services, and sort out a family Christmas. Four years into post the services were not too difficult though I tried to pray and seek God for what He wanted to say this year at the services. All went smoothly and everyone seemed to enjoy- my prayer is that they also came closer to God during the services.
It was a great joy this Christmas to manage to see all our children and grandchildren at different times. One day we may manage to get them all together.
Back to the move and 20 crates of books have been taken to the new Rectory and empty crates returned, now I'm starting on the sorting of papers etc, and glad that for this move we are having a full packing service.
Alongside all of this I have been arranging meetings with Church Wardens a retired Priest and a Lay Reader for the week I am licensed so that we can start to get things in place. Lent and Easter will soon be upon us!
It has been hard living with my mind constantly going in four directions- soon I can concentrate on one and then hopefully I will start to sleep better.
Anyway who eve you are and where ever you are have a wonderful and Blessed New Year.

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