Friday, 25 September 2015

Back again

It is over a year since I posted here. At the time when I gave up it was for a number of reasons. However I still use the Blog to make links with other Blogs which I read. Then every so often I will reread my Blogs- remembering the journey and the emotions over the 4 years I wrote the Blog. Now it feels right to pick up Blogging again- to take time to reflect in a deeper way than I can on Facebook.
The journey is moving on- the time has come to look at moving on from Curacy- to take the next step in this vocational life.
Over the past year I have grown and changed. Have served and learned. In July I was signed off as being ready for my post of first responsibility.
I've applied for and been interviewed for a couple of jobs. Was offered one but after prayer and much heart searching turned it down and then went to the second interview and very quickly realised that though a good match on paper the role wasn't for me. The churches involved felt the same so all were content with the outcome.
Now I have 2 interviews on the horizon and I'm trying to make sense on this next stage.
I had hoped to just apply, pray and be interviewed for one post at a time but that's not very easy when jobs are advertised in batches. Though we are given 12 months to find a post after being signed off that time soon passes especially as the flow of jobs dry up at certain times- August, over Christmas etc. So I have applied for the 2 but have no clear guidance at this point as to which s 'the one'.
Somehow it feels as if I should know- should have a clear sense of where God is calling me to. But it's only when I meet the people, chat, listen and learn that I start to sense whether these are the people God wants me to love and serve for Him.
I;m reminded of Paul who thought he knew where he was called to go but then the Holy Spirit prevented Him. I'm a weak, work in progress and don't always hear very clearly from God- my prayer at this time is that I will be attuned to the murmurings of the Holy Spirit as I go forward for these interviews.

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