Sunday, 5 January 2014

A Curates Office!

Yesterday I returned from a weeks holiday- not that we went anywhere but after Christmas morning I had a week off and spent it madly catching up with family members. It was lovely but tiring coming so close after the Christmas rush and so I hadn't attempted to do any tidying in my office . Here's the result yesterday morning! You can probably see a number of props from my Christmas Eve crib services in the foreground.
So yesterday being a work day I decided I had to tackle the mess! After I'd got today's services sorted and most of the props ready I set to work and tidied up. It was actually very therapeutic and by the end of the day this was the result!

 Just peeping out is a Christingle I made out of bits and pieces I discovered as I was tidying the room
And here it is in all its glory


Oh and can you guess what my Christmas present was?



  1. That's a very impressive declutter. I am very envious of your office and that is the sort of bookcase I dream of!
    Bonne nouvelle année.

  2. Bonne nouvelle annee. Thanks Steph- I am fortunate that a previous Curate had the shelves fitted :)