Sunday, 14 October 2012

Holidays and life after

Two weeks ago we returned from a wonderful fortnight in the Lake District. Despite a few set backs with the cottage we stayed at, and some of the heaviest rain of the summer we had a lovely time. We were blessed by being able to rent a cottage through Off Duty a site where clergy rent out their 'retirement' homes to other clergy. This was a real blessing as we were able to go from a Monday rather than a Saturday. The Lake District is a great place for a holiday for us. I read a blog before I went that listed things which made for a perfect holiday- they included familiarity along with new places to visit, good food places to eat and freedom to come and go when you needed. Our holiday met all these criteria. I particualrly wanted somewhere to stay where we could get up when we wanted, stay in and read if we so desired ( and on one very wet day tahts just what we did) roads that I knew and some new places to visit. Having spent my teen years fell walking most Sunday I know the lake district well and having my Mum just down the road to visit made it even better. We had a lovely day out on Lake Windemere, and ate in lots of great restaurants in Bowness. As a result I came back refreshed and ready for the next stage in life. it really feels like another stage, coming back- I was straight into a week of school visits and meetings, and since have sermons to prepare and two funerals coming up. I went from being the new curate to feeling very much part of the team and knowing what was expected of me. It was a strange semnsation to come back and feel so much part of the place. Thats not to say that there won't be much more learning and that I won;t find myself feeling at a loss and the new girl in the future but I definitely felt as if I had made some form of transition while away. Now its on with the day to day life of a parish- which with 10 churches includes making a fool of myuself when I mix people up! But thats another story!

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