Monday, 9 July 2012

reflections on a dog collar.

I've now been wearing the dog collar for a week and have begun to learn what a difference it makes. people in Wirksworth were friendly before but now they stop and chat rather than just saying hello as they pass. I even had a lady in the next town stop me for a chat when I popped into the bank. But with it also comes responsibility for behaving in a certain way. I like to think that I am always calm, and polite to people. (Well I can dream) However one day last week I was shopping a supermarket without my dog collar. I was upset to have someone with a large trolley of goods from behind me in the queue, offered first place at a till which was opening. I objected and was told that I had the option of staying where I was or going to the self service till- I only had 4 items in my basket. I object to self service tills as they deprive shop workers of jobs but also there was still a large queue there anyway! I got nowhere with my objections and didn't lose my temper or anything but afterwards was left wondering whether I would have acted differently had I been wearing my dog collar. I came to the conclusion as I saw it to be a matter of justice I probably wouldn't have done anything different. but it does raise questions for me as to whether I 'change' when I don the collar! More thoughts on this as time goes on

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