Wednesday, 18 January 2012

142 days to go

I realised today there are 142 days until I finish college! Last time I was counting down days there were 10 to go until I left my last job before coming to college. How quickly time has passed and I'm sure the next 142 days will pass even more quickly. I won;t post everyday as I did when there were only 10 to count but it has given me much to reflect on. I'm coming to the realisation of what this next step will mean- and wondering whether I will ever be good enough. then I know the answer- no I won;t without the strength, wisdom and blessing of God. But I also know he chose me and that this life is not one I chose but one which God has called me to. At Group worship this morning we prayed for each other and I asked for prayer that God would fill me afresh with His Holy Spirit. Only with His spirit will I be able to do what He wants me to. I am going to try and post more regularly as I reflect on all that is to come.

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