Monday, 6 June 2016


I am a new Vicar- 5 months into post and I have only just got connected to a land line and the internet. For 5 months if I have wanted to read emails or send them I have had to visit my sister 15 miles away or the local library 4 miles away. I have had to make phone calls using my mobile in an area with very little signal. The whole 5 months have been stressful and fraught... However.. during the time I have managed to make a number of visits just turning up and knocking on doors. I have started morning prayer in 3 of my churches and seen a significant number of people attending. God has used what could have been a very negative time to the good- proving yet again that ' all things work together for those who love the Lord' . Now that I am connected I am rejoicing in being able to contact people by email when I think about it, and being able to reply soon after someone emails me rather than anything up to 2 weeks later.
I have to say that most of my PCC's and congregations have been very understanding and sympathetic which has been a great encouragement.
Now it is sorted and I am settling in I am praying for vision and God's discernment for my parishes.

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