Monday, 30 April 2012

Community Living

For most of my time at college I have loved community living- and enjoyed the company of so many different people. My husband has not found it so easy. So when soemthing happened that he could offer his skills to help I was pleased that without hesitation he told me to let the person concerned know he would help. Unfortunately someone else took it upon themselves to send an email which was not particularly diplomatic or pleasent and as a result my husband withdrew his offer of help. I've played mediator this morning but have been left feeling very unsettled and glad that soon we will have moved. My feeling of disquiet is not helped by the knowledge that tonights service is a creative Eucharist and we are being asked to take part in a role play. I would prefer a straight forward time with God and for the first time since coming to college am actually contemplating not attending a service. However, now I've written it out and with some time of prayer this afternoon perhaps I'll feel ready to worship in a creative way. On another front, the boxes are ordered so we will soon be getting on with packing.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

The End is in Sight- nearly!

I'm still working on the dissertation this week I seem to have managed to get into a place where I know where I'm heading with it. I'm about half way through and I'm aiming to get done by the end of next week. In the meantime college continues- and now there is a feeling of the end is in sight- every so often I catch myself thinking "how many more of these will I be doing?" I realised today that there are some aspects of college life that I'm bored with- it worried me momentarily but then I realsied that it was natural. Gradually I'm letting go of this life and preparing for the new life to come. Over the last few weeks I have been given the rota and dates for various events over months until Christmas, which brings the future so much closer and make it feel real. I've also ordered all my clerical wear and started to look for things that we need for the house. I've prepared an ember card and invite which I've emailed out to as many people as I can, the rest I'll print off and send by post over the weekend. Last week I also made a flying visit back to derbyshire to complete CRB check forms, delived copies of reams of paper to the registrar and had an appointment with the Clergy tax people. Life is getting exciting!

Thursday, 19 April 2012


I came here to blog because I had received such encouragement and learnt so much from reading other peoples blogs. I continue to read blogs, and am always delighted when I find a new blog to follow. This happened a couple of days ago when I found Rev Jeans blog, the blog of a Self supporting minister down in Cornwall. I have read the whole blog over a couple of evenings and smiled, wept and been inspired by her talk of ministry.
I have wondered how I will be able to go on blogging once I'm a curate but having read a number of blogs from people who are both curates and vicars, I think I shall continue to blog- if only because I enjoy rereading my entries some time later. Of course I shall have to take care with what I blog but as it is really about my reflections on what God is teaching me I hope I can continues with integrity.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

One more step along the road I go

This song came to me today as I walked down Cowley Rd to go and order my ordination stole- a gift from my mother. I've now ordered 6 clerical shirts and collars- had 4 delivered, a long black cloak, a black preaching scarf and a set of stoles, plus the ordination stole. They are just more steps along the way to the move and ordination. My dissertation has moved on a bit- literature review just about complete and half the background to the research written, now I just have to finish the rest of the methodology and I can start writing up what I actually did, found and what it all means! Then I can breath a sigh of relief and concentrate on moving and settling into the new role.
I'm so looking forward to being able to pick up a book to read as relaxation rather than study. I've also got lots of needlecraft ideas I want to have a go at as a way to relax from work.( I suspect that often what I shall be doing won't feel at all like work!)

Monday, 16 April 2012

56 days to be exact!

I tried to post the other day but hit the wrong button and then couldn't get the incentive to try again. It's 56 days until we move out of this flat and into our new home- I'm both excited and daunted at all we have to do before then- and the fact that I can;'t arrange to do much of it until after the present curate has moved out.
Saturday I discussed buying and delivery of electrical goods with a large retailed and hopefully that should be possible during the Jubilee weekend when I hope to have a few days up north. meantime I'm battling on with my dissertation- and a battle it feels like at the moment. I know what I want to say but struggle to out it into writing.
On a more positive front, the college community has been enlarged over the weekend by the birth of two babies which we are all rejoicing in. Its lovely to have seen babies born ans see them grow up while we have been here, and one disappointment is that with these new two we are unlikely to see them in the same way. However, I shall become a grandmother in August and 'll be thrilled to cuddle my sons first child.
Have tried to put a picture on here unsuccessfully!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Just because I can!

This was my last Holy week and Easter Sunday for many years where I could choose what I wanted to do and how I wanted to worship. As a result I've worshipped in three different churches and picked the services which seemed to be where I was spiritually. Unlike last year when Easter worship was held in college and I was on the go from 10.30am on Maundy Thursday until 5pm on Easter Sunday this year I've had a much more leisurely approach to the whole season. As a result I've had more time to reflect on the Passion, and at the same time have come out from it far less tired or emotionally wrung out. With the build up to leaving college in 9 weeks and then ordination 3 weeks later that's probably just as well.
My highlight was probably the Easter morning service today. It was genuinely All Age liturgical service with a baptism of three of the young people from college- all old enough to make the proclamations for themselves and who all really participated in all that was happening. Also the service was the first communion for a young girl who had been confirmed yesterday evening in Christ Church Cathedral. Her look of pure joy as she returned from receiving is something 'll be along time forgetting.
Good Friday I sat at home and watched the Preston Passion and was very moved by the whole event. I felt the BBC and who ever else was involved in putting it together did an excellent job. Then this morning when I came home from church I watched a friend on Youtube in a Flash Alleluia Chorus at Derby's shopping centre- it was excellent and seemed to draw a large crowd.
All in all a wonderful time of remembering all that Christ did for us.
In between I've visited my youngest son and had a lovely time with him ( and so in depth discussion about faith) and spent time with K's family.
now the countdown truly starts to the end of college- just 16000 words of my dissertation to go!